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Home » Site News » Why I like Mabinogi

Why I like Mabinogi

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-The battle system. That's the whole point, pretty much. In my eyes, it's pretty much a game of rock, paper, scissors. Smash beats Defense (they're skills btw), Defense beats normal attack, normal attack beats Smash. Then go ahead and add in Counterattack, Windmill, Archery skills, and Magic and that's the fighting system. If you bother to read the other posts, you would know that you don't have a specific class, but it's highly recommend you stick to a specific set of skills (like Melee, Archery, Magic) because large amounts of AP for the later ranks of the skills are hard to come by. Why I like this battle system is because it's unique. Look at all of the other games. Choose a class, equip some weapons and armor, and go fight the monster. Sure that's sounds fine, except for the part that everything is like automatic. "Double-click" the monster to fight. Great!!! I'M TOTALLY EXCITED!!! Where's the fun in clicking monsters aimlessly and know that you'll win every time you click some monster.

-Sorry for the chunk of text, but I rant. So anyways, back to some other things. The battle system includes either spamming the mouse on the enemy to attack (which will get you killed), or carefully plan out how you're going to take out the enemy. With skills that you set in your Hotkey bar, you can execute them, but they take time to load. Take defense for example, you attack the enemy and finish your combo, which knocks the enemy back. You load defense, which allows you to walk. If the monster has a simple AI, it'll attack you head on and your defense will prevent the monster from executing his combo on you, and in turn you can attack back.

-Unfortunately it isn't so simple as to that. There's a lot of aspects involved in the game, but I won't explain all that, it'd be too boring

-I'm not too picky on my graphics (since I don't run a very powerful computer), but unless you totally despise the art for the game, or just love real-life looking characters and sharp, refined WoW type graphics, I really don't mind the graphics at all

-The music ain't bad, although it can get repetitive sometimes, especially in dungeons. But some fields have some really epic music (Gairech Hills, Sen Mag Plateau, Sidhe Sneatcha, if you know what I'm talking about)

-I like how equipment don't have a level requirement to be worn. You just have to obtain it and equip it on, except for obvious restrictions like 2h swords can't be equipped with a shield. But on the other side, equips can get really expensive for some of the good looking ones.

-The bad side to armors and weapons, their durability. It falls REALLY quickly, and when it reaches 0, it can't be used. You can bless them with Holy Water, easily obtainable from a Church Part-time, which reduces the rate at which the item loses durability

-The armors/clothes are REALLY pretty[SMILE=s16]. Although some can be expensive, you can still look great for only a moderate amount of gold

-If you played Mabinogi before, you'd probably notice that the Main Storyline (aka G1, G2, G3, etc) required payment to play. But now it's FREE. I really like how there's storyline to this game, compared to all the other MMOs which are like, level up and kill some monster. THAT gets boring really quickly.

-Back to skills. You train them by meeting requirements for them, such as "Defeat an enemy" for Combat Mastery. For completing a requirement, you get an amount of exp for that skill, and once it reaches 100%, which sometimes isn't the maximum, you can upgrade the skill if you have enough AP

-For PvP lovers, there's PvP here. Although I'm not a fan of PvP, the idea of you against even a human player in 3D automatic double-click and use skills kind of fight is boring as well. Mabinogi is a different experience. You would naturally defeat any monster, since they follow AI, not Human intelligence. So that means, you have an advantage over what your character does. But what if both players had to face each other. It wouldn't work out so well because you would be used to knowing how to react to what a monster does, since it usually follows a pattern, but another player would respond to anything you did as well, and it'd turn out to be whoever makes the first mistake, or so in my opinion.

-The dungeons are actually quite solo-able in the early, easier dungeons, which comes as a bonus, since grinding or getting a party for leveling is tedious and sometimes doesn't work out so well. But once you find some friends and go train in some harder dungeons, allies are a must, because now harder monsters will multi-aggro. There's no level requirement for the dungeons, but the content in the dungeons are meant for different levels of course.

-Instead of applying stats each level, you randomly get some. That sounds pretty bad, but you mainly get the most of your stats from leveling your skills, which give you stats. Enchants also give bonuses as well as take away from different areas as well.

I think that's about all I can think about right now. If you bother to read all of this, then you either have no life or you're genuinely interested in my article, or something else I can't think of at the moment. Anyways, hope you play Mabinogi after this. If you start out new, you may want to add my characters.

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